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I said, “My name is Dwight, and I don't have any papers
but I have a mustache and I want an adventure.”
They said, “How old are you?” I said older than I am
and they said, “Get your scrawny black ass on that raft!”

cause I'm a lucky little fucker
I'm a lucky little fucker
I'm a lucky little fucker
I'm a lucky and I'm little (repeat)

This little bitch boy walks in holdin’ up two wires
and before you even know it he's exploding.
Sharpened bamboo right through that prostitute’s skull
and bits of barbed wire through that kids face and
a blast of hot air... All that hit me...
And so they put me in charge
Of my own scrawny brigade
Of limp-dick wimps
Pissin’ their pants and crying for their mommy
I told ‘em right there on the first day.

And if any of you little shits go and run and hide
Or cry in your helmets, yell and jeopardize
My life or the lives of these other guys
I will not hesitate to remove the .45 off of my side
And blow your brains out the back of your skull
And show up and salute to your ma and pa
To 21 guns in your home town
And I won’t lose a wink of sleep for putting you down.


from Patience, Child, released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Injecting Strangers Cincinnati, Ohio

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