Lioness of the Old West

from by Injecting Strangers

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Sweatin’ in your room, your gloom-and-doom room,
Painted all black and reeks of perfume,
And that’s where I left him lyin’ face-down on the white sheet,
Sheets stained red and crimson pooled at my feet.

You were screamin’,
And pointin’,
At the knife in
His hand.
It made sense,
Good sense,
So adequate

And now you’re like Eve,
Hiding in the back,
Knowin’ paradise is something she don’t have.
And now I’m like God.
Parties in the front,
Coverin’ His tracks,
Bodies in the trunk.

Years tick by, our salad days we do forget,
Until his posse rides up lookin’ for more than just sin.
Well all this time in heaven as my lioness’s little mouse
The unsung hero of the old west whorehouse.

We were sleepin’,
And wakin’,
And drinkin’,
And that’s when
They began
Their little


First thing they do is shoot a boy in the street,
Not to hold a hostage, just to prove they were mean.
Six-shooter number one bursts through the door,
And I ended him there, grabbing his guts on the floor.
Two-three-four, dropped ‘em dead in the street,
Then one through the window gets the better of me.
One in my side so he gets one in the head,
When you come out blazin’ to meet five and six.

And now you’re like Eve,
Lyin’ in the back,
Knowin’ paradise is something she don’t have.
And now I’m like God.
Lyin’ in the front,
Crawlin’ back His tracks,
The party almost done.

And now we lay there as the dust is settled,
Smoke still pours from metal.
They’ll bury us as one bloody mess!
And I’m alone, clutchin’ to your dress,
Followin’ you home, my lovely lioness.


from Patience, Child, released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Injecting Strangers Cincinnati, Ohio

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